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I would like to introduce everyone with a new web hosting company (several months old company actually), which has oriented their main business into one type of sites, wordpress blog’s.

In these past years blogging has become so famous that almost everyone uses it. Big companies also blog as that is a great way to interact with visitors/customers of your site or online business, and the most used and famous blogging platform currently is wordpress.

The company I want to introduce you to is called WPWebHost, a wordpress dedicated web hosting company that has thought about all the needs that bloggers on wordpress platform needs. Check at these features.

WordPress Blog Web Hosting Features

  • 50GB of web space
  • 500GB of monthly bandwidth
  • Host up to 50 domain names
  • WordPress-compatible server
  • WordPress-savvy support team
  • One Click WordPress Installation
  • 100 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • $5 USD monthly (when purchased with bi-yearly plan)

As you can see those are some great features, enough diskspace for a active blogger that can store lots of files on his own allocated disk space, a lot of bandwidth to be able to host your images of your posts and not worry about bandwidth, you can easily install wordpress with few clicks (most cPanel hosting companies offer this however through Fantastico), but the sweet part is that they have a support staff not only for their server issues but they will also assist wordpress savvy users with wordpress platform issues or even plugin installation or wordpress theme issues too, they have a 100 days money back guarantee because they are so sure in their services and servers quality. And all that, you can purchase for only $5 a month if you purchase with a bi-yearly plan or $8 a month if you chose to rent your diskspace on monthly basis.

But hold on a second. The bi-yearly hosting plan is not that expensive isn’t it? Its only $120 and its for two years? But hold on a second and lets make things sweeter and give you a discount coupon so you could save $30 if you purchase a bi-yearly plan, so instead of paying $120 for two years of hosting you will now pay ONLY $90.

Coupon Code: FEBLOVE

Do not forget to attach the coupon code while checking out and paying for your hosting account.

Already went to purchase your hosting account? Hold on a second, because I got one more thing to tell you, I want to make it be even more sweeter for you by letting you know that you can also take advantage of their:

30 Days FREE trial

Thats right, you can sign up now and use their web hosting server for 30 days to check it out if its the right one for you, and after 30 days you can decide if you want to cancel the hosting or continue using them, and only if you decide to continue using them you will need to pay.

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Note: The coupon code for WPWebHost is only for the month of February, so if you chose the 30 days free trial you won’t be able to longer use the coupon.

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2 Responses

  1. saghim says:

    I decided to go with WPWebhost because of some of the great reviews I read online. But I have to say I’m very much disappointed. First of all I might not be a tech guru but I work in a technical industry…so it’s not as though I don’t have a clue. But I have to say their customer service sucks! I think I dealt mainly with the service in Far East, I think Malaysia. I asked two or three very simple questions just to get started and the ticket got moved around between three to four people and it took about a month and it’s still not resolved. Then they closed the ticket on me! Maybe I’ve just been unlucky. But I’m really frustrated and I’ll be looking for another hosting company.

    • Webmaster says:

      Hello Saghim,
      That’s sad to hear. I am not sure (nor do I think you should be) you are unlucky, to me actually they responded in a reasonable time frame (with exception to Weekends, i notice they are slower to answer during the weekends), perhaps my questions were not that critical or urgent so I didn’t pay much of attention, but as I said it was reasonable (usually within 1-1/2 hours).

      I am sorry to hear you are frustrated, I know it is hard to find a good solid company now days and I hope you will find the right one for you. If you find one, please pass by and drop us a comment letting us know about your experience with your new hosting company.

      Thank you.