HostNine Review

HostNine web hosting services is the topic of today and the company I am about to review. Please note that this is not a paid review but will include affiliate links, the review of this web hosting company is based on my own experience and has not been influenced by any means from HostNine LLC.

Two years ago as one of my blogs was growing bigger I needed a more stable and responsible company to handle the hosting services for my blog, while the blog was growing so were the earnings and every downtime or problems with the server by the hosting company I used would directly reflect in my earnings, so it was time to get a real hosting for this blog. I joined HostNine after a research I made on the internet, the reviews were positive and they seemed to be legit so I decided to subscribe for a hosting plan with them, and never regret that I did that and I will explain in short why is so.

The activation of the account was almost instantaneous once I completed the payment through PayPal, sweet isn’t it? However if you are willing to pay with eCheck through PayPal the activation might delay up to 7 days until they verify the order that it is legit, acceptable thing honestly and trust me, it is worth waiting that time.

Their hosting solutions seem to good to be true, in fact for only $3.95 you get the Personal hosting plan (which I use) that includes:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 Hosted Domain
  • Location of Server in United States

That is just $47.40 USD a year, a really small investment but that assures your website to be online 99.9% of any time. Their second package is called Enterprise Hosting package and includes:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains Hosting
  • Chose location of server between: US, Asia and UK, so you decide where you want your site(s) to be hosted.

The enterprise package of HostNine costs only $6.95 actually is $83.40 USD for an entire year for unlimited websites, pretty cheap isn’t it?

Make it sweeter, HostNine Hosting Coupon

Even tho the prices above mentioned are quiet sweet and CHEAP, lets make things even sweeter by using one of their Hosting Coupons (JUNE2010) and get an additional 15% OFF discount of the total price (note, this is a one time coupon and expires in 7 days, one time coupon means that it will give you discount for the initial purchase so the longer the period you purchase the hosting for the bigger the discount is).

HostNine Technical Support

HostNine LLC. has a 24/7 online support via HelpDesk (or email) and Live Chat (through the live chat you can also reach the sales and not only the support staff). I really almost never needed to deal with their Tech Support as their services are excellent, and this fact that I never had the need to contact them proves it. The only time I contacted HostNine was with the sales staff which was very polite and answered in details to all of my questions (thing which further influenced me to sign up with them, as they did cared to answer MY questions and not to SELL their product). The only glitch I had was with the support staff of the affiliate division, they were kinda slow and really awfully organized, but I believe they will do much better in the feature.


The conclusion of my review on HostNine Web Hosting services provider is that their servers ROCK, since 2 years now that I am hosting my website with them I have never had a problem with the server, emails or MySQL database. The sales staff left a positive impression to me, and I am glad that I never had to meet the tech support staff (not that they are bad guys, but its good not to have problems).

If you need a solid hosting company and you are on a limited budget then you should not wait any longer get ready and ORDER YOUR HOSTNINE HOSTING now.

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