Storm on Google Italy srl

Milano – Two legal Representatives of Google Italia SRL. are under investigations about the video of a student (suffering of Dawn) molested by his friends in the class in a college in Torino. Later evening the Financial Guards perquisites the offices in piazza Biancamano in Milano.

The investigation began after the report in the police office from the legal of the association Vividown.

All this situation has buffered a bit of noise in Italy, the biggest media network Mediaset had this on its daily news schedule, big journals like LaStampa, LaRepubblica and many other big media news. On the issue the minister of the Instruction Giuseppe Fioroni is taken part also: “I think – Fioroni has asserted – that the decision of the power of attorney is a reason more why the Parlament should see again the normative order in matter. As I have more times supported – it has added – there cannot be two weights and two measures, one for printed publication paper and tv and one for the Internet. The respect of the human dignity is one single “.

Is really Google’s responsability really? Can Google manager’s and staff check one by one the billion of sites that are on internet and select which ones can be crawled into their database? The fact is, that this video was found by using the keywords “Video divertenti – Funny videos” … some people have a strange sense of humor. But the real question (something that was not even specified on the news in Italy) was this video HOSTED by/on Google servers, or the site (hosted elsewhere) was crawled by Google? This is a big interrogative for us, such information should of been specified in the news on the Italian medias.

We (at the namenexus staff) cannot still understand why should Google be sued for crawling a site that uses keywords “Funny videos” ? What is the responsability of Google for that? With all the technology implement that Google has performed about it’s crawling preformance and banning similar sites as the one that has diffused this kind of video and created a real “Storm” in the offices of Google Italia srl in Milano, it is still impossible to block all these kind of informations, especially when generic keywords have been used for that video.

We could understand if Google would be sued for crawling a site under keywords “private violent torturing videos”…but this case is not about those keywords.

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