Interview with Jerry Nolte

“I would like to invite you to try the HOTTEST new Domain Monetization/Tracking/Escrow/Sales & Auctioning system designed by Domainers for Domainers.” said’s CEO in their post on NamePros forums.

“ utilizes a unique and exclusive technology to find and generate the most profits from your domain names. With an ever-growing list of features, is your first and only stop for DOMAIN PORTFOLIO MONETIZATION, MANAGEMENT, ESCROW, AND SALES” he continued. Read the complete post

So, we at NameNexus decided to interview this promising company and see what they can offer to the now day domainers. Jerry N. was more then pleased to have this interview with us, here is what we discussed about.

Start of Interview

Hello Jerry N. and thanks for accepting the
interview with us at Webmaster Blog.

Q1). What is your position with ?
A1). Managing Partner

Q2). How does work?
A2). This is not just another PPC company. iMonetize uses technology to fully automate the process of monitoring each Domainer’s portfolio. The domains are monitored for a 30 day period. After that time, each domain is placed where it makes the most money on each given day. For example if one domain makes more money with a particular provider on Monday, but makes more at a different on Tuesday, it would be placed at the prospective companies on each given day to maximize revenue. Should money drop after optimization is complete they have several checks in place to automatically re-optimize the names should it be necessary for whatever reason. With this method on our own portfolio we have seen an increase of over 250% as opposed to just sending it to 1 or 2 providers manually.

Q3). How can help domainers to raise their incoming revenue of their parked domains?
A3). Through the process explained above, it allows domainers to maximize their revenues by choosing the best PPC partner on a given day rather than just sending all of your traffic to one site and hoping for the best. In addition to this unique process the site has many features which can both make and save money for a Domainer. It displays a domain escrow portion which is a lower cost solution than all of our competitors, the use of our own in-house Icann Accredited Registrar to house both the domain name and a full blown US based non-interest bearing escrow bank account to hold the finances can let the affiliates know that their domains and money are secure. One of the best new free features is the domain management portion of the site. At a glance one can tell how many domains they own, where they are pointing, locked or active, date they are expiring, optimizing, expiring by month/day/year, registrar they are with, name servers, and how many of each TLD are owned thus saving the domainer a ton of time in management costs if they have large portfolios. One of the most valuable features is called “domain alarm”. “Domain alarm” alerts people if any changes are made to the whois on any part of their portfolio. This can help to protect a Domainer from hijacking. The last feature offered is a very unique type of sales site available to our affiliates free of charge. It allows for offer type sales, auctions, and simple “You Price it Sales” allowing our affiliates to market their names to a large audience free of charge.

Q4). Why should domainers park their domain with instead of going directly to the domain name parking?
A4). Aside from the optimization process described above,we have contracts with ALL the Larger PPC providers, and with the Sheer BULK of traffic we control we get better revenue share with each provider than most can get on there own. Simply put even with taking our small share, you still get more Money in your pocket!

Q5). Domainers with big portfolio get a higher revenue share?
A5). Domainers with HIGH traffic can enjoy as high as 95% REV SHARE, but even the smallest will receive 85% REV SHARE. Large or small, all of our affiliates are able to benefit from our sites many features.

Q6). guarantee’s highest payouts, higher even then going directly with the parking company, how can you manage that?
A6). First we do not guarantee anything. And I would be suspicious of anyone who did. We merely state that 90% of the people that try us see anywhere from a 20% to 300% rev. increase.

Q7). Is there something that you have not stated on website that you would like to share with visitors?
A7). We plan on working on the site and adding many new features over the next few months and making the site A LOT more user friendly. We are always looking for new ideas and welcome constructive criticism. Please have your readers post any ideas or questions they have to us via our contact us form.

Thanks for the interview…
Jerry Nolte Managing Partner

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