Typo advice to typo newbies

This is all pretty much speaking from my own experience with typo domains…some others may have a different experience with them, and so I wouldn’t accept this advice as “fact”. It’s my opinion on the best way to approach getting typos.

First off, get typos of domains, not words. One of the reasons Pocker.com and Porker.com were able to sell for as much as they did were because Poker.com was an established, fairly high traffic site site in addition to poker being an elite keyword. Keep this in mind when selecting your target to get typos of. The Overture Keyword Selector Tool is often referenced around here as one of the most powerful domain tools, and indeed it is. Put your target domain in here and see how many results it gets. Compare a lot of different target domains you have, and the higher number is the better target for traffic since those are direct type-ins to Overture.

Secondly, though harder to judge, try to target domains in more lucrative markets. Poker is my favorite, because Fabulous pays $8-$20 per click on their poker parking. Casinos are even higher and are another good target. There are many high-paying keywords out there, and a good way for those who have a hard time figuring them out is the Overture Bid Tool. It shows the max bids of links placed on Overture, a PPC-based search engine. The higher the better of course.

So…onto the first revelation: The best typos I have are actually not typos. They are either misspellings or substitute related terms inserted in place of a word in the domain (like putting “auto” in place of “car” in the domain). I have about 30 poker names among which are many misspellings and “related term” names to a couple of poker sites, and it’s generally those doing the best.

For the misspellings, target words that could be hard to spell. I was excited to see a commercial for UltimateBet.tv, knowing first that Ultimatebet.com/net was an established poker site and that the .tv was probably new to their arsenal, and seeing that “ultimate” is misspelled a LOT. The misspellings I got for that site have worked out rather well. An example of related term is a “typo” domain I got for DoylesRoom.com/net (another poker site). Doyle Brunson is who the site is named after, and a simple switcheroo of his last name in place of his first and I found myself some available names that have been making me a nice earning.

Some of the other typo names I own are in fact typos though. Again, based on how mine do, if you want to get typos, get missing letter typos or transposition typos instead of extra letter or wrong letter typos. Extra letter typos and wrong letter typos usually involve many situations with 1 single letter of the name. Missing letter involves only 1 situation per letter, and transpositions of letters right next to each other also involves only 1 situation. Don’t do more than one transposition or missing letter at a time. Like “music”…search for usic, msic, musc, musi, umsic, msuic, muisc, and musci sooner than typos like mussic, nusic, mudic, etc.

That’s all for now. Hope this post helps a bunch of you aspiring typo-ists! If any other people out there doing well with typos would like to chime in, feel free to do so.

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