Review of ResellerZoom a Web Hosting Reseller Leader

The company I am about to review now, ResellerZoom, is a company I am now using for 4 years (since early 2005) and I would have lots to say about the experience I have had with ResellerZoom during these 4 years but I will make sure to be as short as possible.

In 2003 I decided to start an online business and be able to make money online. The intentions were mainly to see if there can really be made any money online or if its just few lucky person doing it. Long story made short, I decided to start a web hosting services website (I presume many of us started that way), and the first thing i needed was a domain name that would be self explanatory about the services I am offer, and the second one was a solid reseller hosting firm to get started with as I was on tight budged and could not invest hard from the beginning.

After a whole year of switching reseller hosting services I finally managed to find the right one, I was already desperate however but decided to give it a try for that last time, it’s then when I heard about them, ResellerZoom. Immediately I signed up with them and moved my site on their server as well as to some other clients that decided to stay. There were 3 essential points that convinced me to sign up with them.

  • Their domain name registration length. Even tho the domain resulted as registered in May 2004 their expiration date was at 2012 which made me think immediately that they are serious about their business and have intentions to remain for long time in the business. Might sound silly, but it was one of the key reasons.
  • Cost effective. The reseller hosting plans with ResellerZoom were really cheap and it was meeting my budged perfectly. Started with a Budget 1 reseller plan at $6.95/month with 4Gigs of diskspace and 60GB of bandwidth traffic, excellent for a started like me in the days.
  • The great reputation. After almost a year they already had build a great reputation and had proven to be worth mentioned. Even tho they were new in the business they knew exactly what their clients requirements are and most importantly knew how to fulfill their needs.

Almost 4 Years later with ResellerZoom hosting

Today, almost 4 years later with ResellerZoom all what I can say is that I am extremely satisfied with their services, support staff and their stable servers. There are few points on which I am extremely satisfied and that I would like to highlight:

  • Fast and numerous support staff: Not only that they respond to tickets in a reasonable time (usually even within 10-20 minutes) but also they have numerous members in their support staff that I can hardly even reach to speak twice with the same support member if the ticket delays for 2 hours. The good point, their staff is also trained to read the history of a ticket so they don’t have to ask you again and again the same questions.
  • Excellent servers & great uptime: I used to be a uptime addicted person at the beginning, so I would use different monitoring tools to monitor how long the server will remain online without losing their uptime record. What I can tell you is that only once in these 4 years that I am with ResellerZoom I have seen the servers monthly uptime go down at 97%, it would usually be online for 100% of the time and occasionally 99%-98%.
  • Cheap Reseller Hosting: Thats right, if you are a webmaster and own a network of sites and you would want to cut down the expenses and instead of renting a VPS then you can manage to do so by order a reseller hosting with ResellerZoom.

Why buy several hosting packages from different hosting companies if your intentions are not to have different IP’s so you could interlink those sites to obtain better SEO results? Cut down the cost and get a cheap reseller hosting package with ResellerZoom.

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